Finally learn 'How to Manage Your MIND'

In order to become aware of the thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you.


“A belief is just a thought you think a lot." - Abraham Hicks

The Managing your Mind Mini Course is for you if:

  • You want to learn how to understand your thoughts and the patterns behind your thinking
  • You are ready to start feeling better
  • You know that you can get better results and outcomes in your life if you could have an empowered mindset
  • You want to understand why you do what you do so you can shift into living in alignment
  • You know it’s time to change your mindset & make shit happen for yourself 
  • You are loving my podcast or my social media content & you want to get a feel of what I can offer you (but not ready to go deep into the coaching and accountability yet) 

This is MODULE 1 of 6 that I teach inside my year long coaching experience 'The Sistahood'. By joining this mini course you will be changing your thoughts will will change your life.

Here is what the Manage your Mind Mini Course has to offer:

A Full Module on Managing your mind

This mini course is the entire module 1 experience from the year long 6 module Online Sistahood.  Learn about your mindset and how you can start changing your thoughts and changing your life.

Bonus Resource Videos

Broken down How to & FAQ videos on how to actually get the most from this mini course and content.  Plus all the homework to guide you into getting your mind managed.

A Guided Meditation & mindfulness practice

From Hamish Cramer (founder of Alterego Holistic Fitness & Manfulness).  He will take you on a guided mindfulness experience in this module where you can learn how to minimise stress and operate from a place of calm

This mini course is worth over $700

and you can get it right now at the EARLY BIRD price of $147


Are you ready?

3 Ways this mini course can help you:

Manage your Mind

96% of what we do is sub-conscious and if you are going to change your thoughts and feelings you need to become aware of how you think.

Manage Stress

70% of the time we live in High Stress, when you know how to manage your mind you boost your immune system and are able to attract what it is you desire.

Actionable Tools

In this mini course you will learn actionable LIFE changing techniques to manage your thoughts, create better feelings and change you life for good.

EARLY BIRD available for a limited time...

This information will change your life...


$147 AUD


  • All the videos you need to manage your mind 
  • A guided meditation to keep you centred & out of stress
  • FAQ & How to videos to help you master the techniques
  • Homework and recommendations for further learnings


Maybe you are really ready to get the whole shebang and join me for a year long coaching instead?

Let me show you what The Sistahood is...

Maybe you are ready to go deep, if so then heres what the Sistahood year long coaching experience is about...

A 12 month, in depth, guided LIFE CHANGING experience for women around the globe to

Time to show up. Take up space and go for what you really want.

Don't miss out on this insane opportunity.

I cannot wait to work with you and watch you change your life along with the other woman in the group.

What the Sistas have to say:

"THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH, Erika! I really cannot thank you enough for everything. To think that we are about halfway through since we started is unfathomable. Please please please know that you are appreciated, you are valued, you and your coaching are so fucking worth every penny, every tear, every uncomfortable ass moment, and every breakdown because I know that each time I break down, I'm getting back up twice as strong with twice as much purpose to live and FEEL AGAIN. I love you."

Andrea H.

"I have told you this many times, but this learning, this work and this community are absolutely incredible. I am so glad I took this opportunity for myself, and would gladly pay double for what I'm getting. You are such an inspiration and are changing my life, and the lives of my children because they have a mother who is happier and more emotionally healthy. I adore you for this, and I am so begging you to keep doing the good work because it is so needed. "

Anna N.

"Spectacular! Erika is on point regarding how building community is super important. This is a group of non-judgmental friends that understand you and want you to be successful, and this is what allows us to actually be in a mind frame to grow faster."

Maria I.

"Erika is changing the world one woman at a time. She is completely committed and so down to earth and her vibe is contagious. She has completely opened my eyes to a new way of thinking and I am so pumped to dive in further. So far her impact has already made a huge difference in my mindset and i am so hungry for more. Love this woman and cannot thank her enough."

Jamie C.

"I’m loving the Sistahood - the women are so supportive and understanding. The content is great. Thank you Erika for creating this space for us all! "


Meet Erika

After overcoming a life full of trauma, physical and sexual abuse, near-death experiences, breaking her back and being widowed, Erika Cramer found herself drowning in pain and sadness trying to numb everything she had been through. These life changing experiences finally lead her to life coaching where she went on a deep path to personal growth and healing. As a confidence coach she is here to guide women to living a life where they seek progress, not perfection.

She is taking a bold stand for women owning their throne and reclaiming their confidence.....